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There is an update but I don't like it as muchh.  Though I seldom use it, I want it just in case.  I'm also not restricting myself in any way.  I almost always use the computer offline, using it online only rarely perhaps for Youtube or while on vacation for browsing and e-mail.  That being the case, I'd rather leave it as it is.  I don't think I'd have any problems with Service Pack 1, but for my purposes, it works flawlessly and I don't want to taike even minor risks of problems for no advantage that means anything.
One of these days, I may get curious enough about the new NVDA interface that I install Service Pack 1 but that hasn't happened yet. 

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You will have to have service pack 1 for most software updates to windows 7.
Are you sure that the program you are talking about does not have an update
to run on windows 7sp1? As you say, you are restricting yourself to loss of
many things while attempting to preserve just one. What is this software?

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Subject: [nvda] Firefox Quantum and add-ons

I've seen occasional comments about add-ons being unusable in Firefox Chrome
by blind users.  I had hoped that there would be improvbement in time but
today, I tried to run Noscript and found it completely inaccessible.  I am
not using a recent version of NVDA but I doubt that matters.  If it does,
I'd like to know.  If the lack of access to these and other add-ons is as
extremely poor, nonexistent, to call it what it is, that I experienced
today, where does one report such matters or try to get something to be

I did a Google searche for something like add-ons not accessible Quantum
Chrome and a few other searches but I didn't find one relevant result.  I
didn't even find messages from user discussion pages I would have thought
likely to show up in results.

So I have two questions:
Are things as bad as they seem, complete inaccessibility for add-ons, and is
any of this improved when using newer versions of NVDA?  I can't use recent
versions because none of my machines support them.  I could make my Windows
7 machine support them by installing Service Pack 1, but I'd lose access to
a program that is dconvenient to have now and then.  I also almost never use
that machine online.


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