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Your aquaintance is wrong, as far as I know, really wrong.  I've read a number of reputable reviews about Firefox Quantum and security was one of the good points discussed in one or more reviews I read.  Indeed, one review said that Quantum is better at not collecting information about your browsing because it is not made by Google.  Google's way of making money is collecting information. 
I can use Quantum on my Windows 7 computer and it works well.  It appears, from the small amount of comparison I've done that Chrome is faster and I don't have much preference between the two browsers other than that Chrome is faster at loading pages and you may want the extra speed. 
Some people report having serious problems with Quantum.  I haven't seen anything indicating that anyone knows why.  A lot of people use Quantum without problems. 
I don't know where the person gets his information from, but techs are not necessarily reliable just because they are techs and I don't trust a tech any more than anyone else unless I know they have a proven record of being reliable over a substantial period of time.  That's how I evaluate anyone's reliability. 

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Hello Group,

In response to the posts by Gene, it is my understanding that FireFox
63 is not all that readily user-friendly for totally blind persons
using a screen reader. I do not understand the reasons. I have been
recommended to switch to Google Chrome and say bye-bye to FireFox as
it is easily hacked and the changes made are seen as disastrous. That
from an acquaintance who earns their living doing tech support. As to
'accessibility' if you can find articles from Intopia or Webaim that
relate to FireFox and such, that may be your best bet. Each
organization is heavy into accessibility interest.

If I follow through with this recommend, Do I need mouse clicks to
open GMail attachments if using Chrome as my primary browser?
And, is Thunderbird compatible with Chrome?

Of note, I found in a dated NVDA post from 2017 that Sophos was
recommended as an Anti-virus program. In an attempt to download, it
would not complete on my end and was said to be corrupt. Be careful
with that one if considering Sophos. Thanks.

David Russell

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