Re: NVDA not read anything in any browser.

hurrikennyandopo ...


have a look under the tools section in NVDA and look for a menu called Run COM Registration Fixing tool... then press the enter key on it. I can not remember if there were steps after it but it should reset the files and i think the computer also has to be rebooted as well.

If it fixes the problem you should be able to use the browser as you were before it happened.

Some times it would also affect the running application on the task bar and say unknown etc and do some other weird stuff.

There is no documentation for it in the user manual but I think there should be so people know what it is for.

Gene nz

On 15/11/2018 7:34 AM, Tejas Bendre wrote:
Hello guys,
facing big problem with NVDA.
I am using Dell laptop With Windows 10 1803.
NVDA latest 18.3.2 version.
Whenever I open any browser NVDA not read anything it's just saying
unknown and unknown.
so this is happen with NVDA only.
 I try JAWS but JAWS working fine.

Actually same problem i was face with 1703 version.
but afther update in 1803  laptop verks 2 3 days.
and now same problem i am faceing.
i tryed all browsers.
So can anyone help me.

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