autocorrect in Word 365

Giles Turnbull

Hi all,

I occasionally use smiley face and winking smiley face, :) and ;) respectively, but when I do in Word it automatically converts them to what NVDA says is “12” (that's what I hear and that's what the speech viewer says). It does this for both versions of the smiley.
I have just added :) and ;) into the exceptions of the autocorect options and it is not making any difference.

I do use the NVDA emoticons addin so am confused why I am hearing the number 12 rather than the type of face. Also, I'm a bit of a gek for old school ascii emoticons so would prefer to stick to them being a colon and a right parenthesis rather than a graphical smiley face.

I'm using the latest NVDA, Windows 10 and Office 365

Grateful for any suggestions :)


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