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Do you use NVDA or JAWS? Even very old versions of NVDA work well with Quantum.  I tried it with 13.x.  And if you want to use a relatively new version of NVDA, you can.  It was about a year ago that NVDA stopped supporting Windows 7 if you don't have service pack 1.  If you do, you can use the current NVDA if you want. 
I'll let others discuss JAWS.  I almost never use it anymore and I haven't kept it current for years. 
You might or might not have been satisfied upgrading to Windows 10 but it certainly isn't necessary to do so to use Quantum. 
Also, the magazine is misleading.  You can't run Quantum Firefox in XP.  I don't know if you can using Vista; I haven't seen that discussed. 
And the magazine is also inaccurate in its conclusion.  Last June, Quantum still had speed problems for many users.  By the time September came around most NVDA users didn't have speed problems any longer.  I don't know about JAWS and Quantum.  but the magazine made it sound as though if you used Quantum in June, you should be alright if you upgrade your screen-reader to the latest version. 
In short, it’s a good idea to check here if you want to know whether such information is accurate and keep in mind that, as I said in a previous message, the information is out of date.

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Hello Group,

There is a newsletter produced in Australia that comes out a few times
per year called Intopia. I signed up for it around the time Mozilla
came out with Quantum and screen reader users then were advised to
hold off. Here is their take on things as of June 2018.
If, for some reason you can’t upgrade:
• Both Mozilla and Freedom Scientific agree that users of JAWS 17 with
Firefox 57 and higher are likely to get less than satisfactory
• Users of JAWS 18 with Firefox 57-59 should get reasonable results,
but may encounter some issues.
• The Firefox ESR workaround will not apply for much longer – it is
due to switch to Quantum in September.
• NVDA updates are free and easy to implement individually, but some
people may deliberately be using an older version, for example because
their computer uses an older operating system like Windows Vista, XP
or Windows 7 without Service Pack 1. At this stage, it’s unclear how
well the older NVDA might work with Firefox Quantum browsers.
The bottom line, then, is to upgrade your screen reader to the latest
version and Firefox to its latest version, and things should work as
you expect them to.
If we get further significant information on this issue, we’ll be sure
to bring it to your attention.
My Comment: I would need to buy a Windows 10 machine. Too bad I didn't
take the freebie when offered by the Microsoft Disability Desk a
couple years ago.

David Russell

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