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What program are you trying this with?  I can't get this to occur in Notepad but I can in Wordpad.  I'm using the simulated mouse available in NVDA but it shouldn't matter.
As far as what the best way is to do what you want, it isn't clear to me why you are using this method.  You can do this from the keyboard, moving the actual cursor, assuming you are using a program like a word processor that has a cursor. The command to move by paragraph in a word processor document is control down arrow.  If you want to move three paragraphs, control down arrow will do so.  If you want to start NVDA speaking three lines below where you have moved, down arrow three times, then use the read to end command.  It is NVDA key down arrow.  Assuming you are using default settings in NVDA, the insert is the NVDA key.  So the command is either insert and while holding it, press down arrow. 
Do you want to use NVDA as a document reader for a sighted person or why do you want to do this?  At this point, we don't know if we are giving good help because without knowing your purpose, we can't evaluate or attempt to determine if screen-readers are the best way to do what you want.

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Hello, I was wondering how a sighted user could skip ahead several paragraphs, and have the screen reader skip ahead and resume reading at a new location. For example, with JAWS, one can highlight the new text to skip ahead to, and the screen reader will resume reading at the highlighted location? I tried this with NVDA, and this doesn't seem possible. If this si not possible, what is the best way to skip text?

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