Re: Firefox Quantum and add-ons


Well the difference is that quantom will eventually get better, the difference though is that waterfox will still be able to run classic code and the classic engine.

In fact while its based on mozilla firefox, eventually its going to be its own animal.

The issue with quantom, is that to be more secure, registry access, and a lot of things that couled become security risks are gone.

That means no linking to any os function at all, everything must be redone from scratch.

In a way it makes sence, no os links means you are secure, but that basically makes it a custom program.

Any custom program that doesn't use os spaciffic libraries is just that bit harder to access, you can't rely on the os, and the issue is that most readers are os dependant.

Nvda is heavily os dependant.

Every addon author has to reinvent the wheel.

I spoke to the developer of nav sounds for example and because of mozilla securing the program, he would have to set sounds indevidually, its harder to do, and he just couldn't be bothered at that point.

For noscript's authors, they like others would have to use the new web engine.

Eventually in the long run its probably going to be faster especially with the newer faster cpus and memmory chips.

Not much good for the lower grade cpus, but with most newer units being 6th gen and up, and now its like 7th gen and mainly amd and 8th gen in theory we shouldn't have issues at all.

The spanner in the works is of course the intel spcter issue which cuts cpu processing in half till a new gen is out.

From some reviews thats basically wrecked the new 8th generation processer group.

Mozilla has also added extra security features which have slowed down things, so who knows.

Eventually waterfox will be its own system, with its own addon store able to take advantage of the classic but also quantom engines side by side as I understand it.

So technically we should all be fine.

They aren't pushing for it right now but eventually that will happen.

On 11/15/2018 2:57 PM, Hope Williamson via Groups.Io wrote:
Unfortunately, Waterfox will be based on ESR releases so it will get Quantum at some point.

    I really do like Waterfox. However, I don't want the Quantum stuff because every time I've attempted to use it, it seems slower and more unstable than what Firefox used to be without Quantum.


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