Re: Firefox Quantum and add-ons


I am getting the same issue with waterfox to.

Could be a page issue who knows.

On 11/15/2018 4:46 PM, zahra wrote:
hi shaun.
can you please test for me working github with old engine firefox or waterfox?
for example: when i open
and i press h many times to go to the position that nvda says:
nvda 2018.4
and go down until nvda says:
77 closed and press enter on it, nothing happen!
it means that i cant follow nvda progress, new features, changes and
bug fixes anymore on github!
also, when i sign in to my account and wish to edit my written
comments, i cant edit them and editing does not work for me.
whenever i open github, nvda says that the version of my firefox is
not up to date and github does not support older versions of firefox
i did not have such problems last week.

On 11/15/18, Hope Williamson via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Unfortunately, Waterfox will be based on ESR releases so it will get
Quantum at some point.

    I really do like Waterfox. However, I don't want the Quantum stuff
because every time I've attempted to use it, it seems slower and more
unstable than what Firefox used to be without Quantum.

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