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Yes, I did correct some of those errors in the source but some are beyond what I understand, so left well alone.

I like this add on as it can allow me to understand screen layout having been sighted I value this info, also on some apps its good as you can turn off the voice announce and merely use the noise.
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I deleted the log content (over a megabyte in size).

As far as I can tell, there is no single entry regarding Add-on Updater;
instead, it is filled with event execution error coming from Audio Themes 3D

Because the add-ons community lost contact with author of Audio Themes 3D
add-on (or this person is not responding), it appears we need to create a
community-based patch for this add-on, similar to what I did with Remote
add-on a few months ago. I'll bring this up with add-ons community this



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