Re: NVDA not read anything in any browser.

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Yes if you run that tool and it works, then please report back here.I have a nasty suspicion there is one thing it fails to fix, probably caused by uninstalling avast and affecting certain dialogues, but its hard to pin such things down.
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Subject: [nvda] NVDA not read anything in any browser.

Hello guys,
facing big problem with NVDA.
I am using Dell laptop With Windows 10 1803.
NVDA latest 18.3.2 version.
Whenever I open any browser NVDA not read anything it's just saying
unknown and unknown.
so this is happen with NVDA only.
I try JAWS but JAWS working fine.

Actually same problem i was face with 1703 version.
but afther update in 1803 laptop verks 2 3 days.
and now same problem i am faceing.
i tryed all browsers.
So can anyone help me.

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