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Is it any better if you temporarily install the alpha build from the snapshots page?
There do seem to have been a number of problems with Outlook for most screenreaders lately, probably due to the changing face of Outlook itself.
Myself, I find it very much a slow bit of software, but I'm not running 10, and dread the day when I need to rely on it over my old faithful Outlook Express hack for windows 7.

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Hello all,
I am trying to set up a new laptop for my work, and I encountered a
few problems with Outlook. One of the problems is that NVDA reacts to
keystrokes with a delay. For example, in the list of messages when I
press up or down, I only hear NVDA speaks the next/previous message
after a second. I am aware of preview pane and I have disabled it, so
that's not an issue. I have also disabled preview of messages directly
in the messages list.
Another problem is that occasionally the entire Outlook app enters a
weird state where I cannot read anything - standard navigations
command don't work. Up/Down, Tab or F6 does nothing. However, if I
restart NVDA, then it's working again.
Does anyone have any idea what's going on and how to fix it?

I tried narrator and it works much better - at least it responds to my
keystrokes almost instantly.

I'm running latest NVDA, latest Windows 10 and latest Outlook. I
disabled all the add-ons. This is a brand new laptop. It's got plenty
of CPU and memory, so this is not a hardware issue.


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