Re: NVDA is slow with Outlook

Tony Malykh

Hi Brian,
I installed the latest alpha build, and indeed it works beautifully
with Outlook. Thank you so much for the suggestion. And also the
latest alpha seemed to have resolved my issue with slow keystrokes in
Google Chrome, so maybe these two problems were caused by the same
underlying reason.


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Is it any better if you temporarily install the alpha build from the
snapshots page?
There do seem to have been a number of problems with Outlook for most
screenreaders lately, probably due to the changing face of Outlook itself.
Myself, I find it very much a slow bit of software, but I'm not running 10,

and dread the day when I need to rely on it over my old faithful Outlook
Express hack for windows 7.

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Hello all,
I am trying to set up a new laptop for my work, and I encountered a
few problems with Outlook. One of the problems is that NVDA reacts to
keystrokes with a delay. For example, in the list of messages when I
press up or down, I only hear NVDA speaks the next/previous message
after a second. I am aware of preview pane and I have disabled it, so
that's not an issue. I have also disabled preview of messages directly
in the messages list.
Another problem is that occasionally the entire Outlook app enters a
weird state where I cannot read anything - standard navigations
command don't work. Up/Down, Tab or F6 does nothing. However, if I
restart NVDA, then it's working again.
Does anyone have any idea what's going on and how to fix it?

I tried narrator and it works much better - at least it responds to my
keystrokes almost instantly.

I'm running latest NVDA, latest Windows 10 and latest Outlook. I
disabled all the add-ons. This is a brand new laptop. It's got plenty
of CPU and memory, so this is not a hardware issue.


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