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Downloaded all the different modules, etc., and, while am just for now trying out the NVDA add-ons implementation, it is quite impressive in terms of responsiveness, etc., in terms of being natural sounding.

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On 2018-11-16 10:29 PM, Josh Kennedy wrote:


I found a new voice for NVDA. It’s called rh-voice. Also discovered the sapi5 version has the best sound. It’s fast and responsive like Espeak. The bdl voice is my favorite of all of them. Best part is this, somehow, you can make your own voices for it and even make new languages, although making new voices for an existing language is easiest. So if I can get the required sentences that have to be recorded, I could have the keynote gold demo voice read all those sentences into wave files and perhaps the author could build a voice based on recordings of the keynote gold tts. I’m not sure if he uses Linux to make the voices. And if he does, if the voice building process is even accessible with the orca Linux screen reader. It won’t be a 100% perfect keynote gold voice, but it’ll be very very close to the original sounding keynote gold tts. And it’ll be a sapi5 keynote gold voice and it could even work on android since rh-voice is also a free android tts, works great with talkback. The website is:




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