Can't always blame NVDA


This week my computer became really unresponsive to key presses. It
was right after a Windows 10 update, so I was blaming some sort of
incompatibility between W10 & NVDA. I was going to roll it back, but
for some reason I decided to do another test first & plugged a USB
keyboard into my laptop. Guess what? All the unresponsiveness
disappeared! Just goes to show sometimes that events surrounding
things like unresponsiveness, ie, such as an update, may be purely
coincidental & merely serve to throw a smoke screen. Troubleshooting
can be a real b-word, & I guess it's just best to keep all the
possibilities in mind. This was addressed to no one in particular.
Just sharing an experience on a Saturday in hopes it might help
someone on their troubleshooting journey.

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