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Tony Malykh

Hi Supanut
For what it's worth, you can try my add-on SentenceNav to read
malformed PDF documents one sentence at a time:


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On Sun, Nov 18, 2018 at 05:13 AM, Daniel Damacena wrote:

Since 2013 version, Word is able to open pdf files. It requires a
conversion, but it Works very well.

I can even jump between headings in navigation mode, wich saves me a lot

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Try the PDF reader that is built into Google Chrome, or use ABBYY
FineReader to convert the PDF files to another format (HTML or Microsoft

Due to the above two solutions, I haven’t used Adobe Reader for quite a

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I tried a few more untagged PDF files and yep the same issue that I
explained in my first post still occurs.
However this seems to only occur with untagged PDFs, I.E the ones that
once opened presents a dialog to choose the reading order and such.
Since I have to deal with these PDFs on a regular bases for my
is there a way to properly read these PDFs with NVDA?

I know Microsoft Word can open PDF files, but it only works with smaller
PDF files; I tried with a PDF version of an ebook hundreds of pages long and
Microsoft Word seems to hang or it doesn't seem to open (no, the ebook isn't
a protected PDF file).
But since Reader DC 2018 is working fine I'll just stick to it; I still need
to find a way to prevent it from auto-updating.
Edit: I tried changing the subject line in hopes of forcing this reply to
appear in my earlier thread but this doesn't seem to work...hmmm

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