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I don't know how long you have been running it.  Many people didn't loose files.  those who ran a specific utility, I don't remember its name, did.  I think the name was something like redirect folders but that isn't quite it. 
But the proboems, and there were more than just file loss, were serious enough that Microsoft withdrew the update about a month ago and just very recently started making it available again.  One person's experience never tells whether a program performs well in general.  That's why beta testing is done with a large sample.

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I am running the latest build 1809, and I am not facing any proglem with it. I have one Varioultra running on bluetooth placed on the left conected with bluetooth, and it run fine. and also i have not loused any files.

Den 2018-11-18 kl. 06:41, skrev Gene:
Kim Komando, because of all the problems with the latest full update, advises people not to install the update earlier than it is offered to you and even then, to defer it if you can until it is clear that it is advisable to install it.  You can't put it off indefinitely, but there are ways to delay it. 
Microsoft originally  released this update obviously when it wasn't ready, and the same with the last full update.  I hope that, instead of people chomping at the bit to try the new full updates, that they wait to see if Microsoft has released a good update in future.  Of course, if someone wants to see what the latest is like and be a guinea pig, a beta tester after beta testing should no longer be necessary, that's fine, but for those who aren't in that category and who want dependability and reliability, I would always wait.  Even in the past, before Windows 10, people were advised to wait after a new version of Windows came out before adopting it.  Even with proper care, there are always going to be problems with a complex piece of software like this.  But the last two full updates have more and more serious problems than properly tested software should.
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Microsoft has caused a lot of trouble with their updates. One of the latest turned off Bluetooth on my laptop computer,
so i couldn't get Braille output. My computer maintenance organization had to remote in and turn it bck on. My desktop
machine was also behaving strangely after a recent update. I couldn't get any Braille output until I turned it off with
the power button and then back on. Three boos for Microsoft.


On Sat, Nov 17, 2018 at 12:05:59PM -0700, Jackie wrote:
> This week my computer became really unresponsive to key presses. It
> was right after a Windows 10 update, so I was blaming some sort of
> incompatibility between W10 & NVDA. I was going to roll it back, but
> for some reason I decided to do another test first & plugged a USB
> keyboard into my laptop. Guess what? All the unresponsiveness
> disappeared! Just goes to show sometimes that events surrounding
> things like unresponsiveness, ie, such as an update, may be purely
> coincidental & merely serve to throw a smoke screen. Troubleshooting
> can be a real b-word, & I guess it's just best to keep all the
> possibilities in mind. This was addressed to no one in particular.
> Just sharing an experience on a Saturday in hopes it might help
> someone on their troubleshooting journey.
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