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Well to be honest, I know while I generally try to spell right enough to save my rear and can do so, I get over confident at times with my typing speed and so things can get messed up and most of the time I catch it.

Now speech wize, because we use speech technology we heavily rely on it.

Thats good but since no synth can know every language or word and pronounciations can slightly differ from word to word the synth and its data are not always correct worse, depending on the program you use the spelling is not correct.

While a few programs quite a lot of those in fact use country spaciffic languages most don't especially if they are unicode or old.

The default national languages are us and uk and while thats fine as a basis for language itself english wize, there are differences to spelling.

Its why I turn auto correct spell and gramma off where I can.

In fact in chrome, when filling out an email address, at some point, I will get a message that I have spelt something wrong because it thinks I am writing a sentence.

And while in office and some other programs like windows its gotten a lot better of late, there was a time not to long ago when I was in school at least back in 1998 where I was always failing because I spelt things wrongly.

I had relied on my computer spellchecker to fix words I didn't know and to check spelling but it was in us and always was in us language unless you manually changed it.

This trend went on as far as office 2010, with some change in 2013, in office 2016 you can change languages but things usually work.

Then there is a way a word is pronounced, it can be spelt wrong but sound fine or it can be spelt fine and sound wrong.

Next speech synths in general are not good with language switching, try to type a word in german on any synth that is more than a couple years old and maybe some of them still exist try to type a word in maori, german or anything other than your native language and if its not switched to that dictionary its not going to get it right neither will your spell checker.

Now with the way the cloud and the multi language thing works we seem to be able to get things on the fly a lot better.

Even if you have the automatic switches off if it finds something in another language it will usually try to speak it right, of course the voice could be an issue if you don't understand or have never heard that word before but my point is at least it tries.

One thing that I have found a slight disapointment is the availability of all languages in synths, espeak has come close to include a lot more varients than most.

However in my old realspeak, even though I am on uk some us vouls and pronouncements make it in  even in australian and I suspect that not everything got translated right and this is a high quality voice we are talking about now.

Even with all this set, there are no dialect synths for some countries, new zealand for example hasn't got one, maori hasn't got one, I don't give a damn about the maori language but if principal is to be believed then we really need synths that handle every language and we still don't.

So if I type a maori placename in a document, its never going to come out right because no language for it.

We use australian language because its the closest to us for the most part and its fine even then that uses the uk language set.

Point is we blind people are not bad spellers, our stuff is, as we get more data it will get better and with the cloud thats only going to improve but its never going to be perfect.

Eventually maybe once we get enough of them we can use braille to but maybe by then we will be able to no longer be blind anymore even so, it would be nice to get everything like my reader speaking in my own language just because is all.

And its not just the blind we rely a lot on spell checkers, automatic updaters, security programs, and a lot of things with their own rulesets.

If it goes we freak out big time, but your technology or whatever tool is only as good as its data set and thats a fact.

Its not crap if it screws up, sadly, not many people keep the datasets as updated as we should.

We spend time trying to stop x program stuffing up a lot more than trying to make sure the data works, even if it all worked we would still have issues.

People talk about the ai take over apocolipse thing.

It won't be the robots messing up, we will probably mess up first because of a glitch we  from something we rely on and freak.

Look at the news for example, facebook went down yesterday and its now the end of the world.

Take the net down and the world will end all right.

On 11/19/2018 7:41 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:
My suspicion, and not just in this case, is that there is a widespread use of dictation (speech-to-text) software these days.  With words such as wonder and wander, when said in the flow of normal speech often sound remarkably similar, as the vowel gets what I call " schwa ( ) -ed".  Unless you're using dictation software that has some AI features where it looks at surrounding context before closing in on the actual word wanted you'll often get substitutions like this.

It seems to be far more common on certain forums than others, and if I'm being perfectly honest it's way more common on blind and low-vision forums than elsewhere.  Since most individuals I know personally do know how to spell (at least as well as anyone else I know) and do so when typing, I have to suspect dictation software is at play at least a decent part of the time.

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