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In this case, I observed this error long before dictation software became common and its consistent, which wouldn't be expected to be the case with dictation software. 

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My suspicion, and not just in this case, is that there is a widespread use of dictation (speech-to-text) software these days.  With words such as wonder and wander, when said in the flow of normal speech often sound remarkably similar, as the vowel gets what I call "schwa-ed".  Unless you're using dictation software that has some AI features where it looks at surrounding context before closing in on the actual word wanted you'll often get substitutions like this.

It seems to be far more common on certain forums than others, and if I'm being perfectly honest it's way more common on blind and low-vision forums than elsewhere.  Since most individuals I know personally do know how to spell (at least as well as anyone else I know) and do so when typing, I have to suspect dictation software is at play at least a decent part of the time.

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