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I do not know, I was wondering the same. However I found another bug in the new version. I It removes some registry entries its not supposed to. When I ran it on windows 7 after first setting a restore point, I'm not daft! It got rid of my default email links, and reconfigured the browser to use IE and the media player to use Windows media player. Now I'm sure you could tell it to ignore these but it seems its not reading the default settings always. Interestingly on XP machines, no such funnies. So I put everything back as it was. However I hd to reinstall Winamp as it also too all the context menu options out but the restore did not put them back.

I do wish when software writers make new versions they exhaustively test them on the versions of Windows they will encounter. I'm sure this is just a bug where it fails to read the defaut parameter file but its irritating and I can imagine it might upset somebody who does not understand concepts like registry keys being pointers to programs to use by default.
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This is great news! I wonder why the portable apps version has not updated yet. I was hoping portable apps would pass the latest updates through like it does all the other apps but it hasn't done so for this ever since I got it. Meh, I'll just watch the list and grab an update when it suits me.

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