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Could it be that they are dictating the text?
I see this a lot on dictated text messages.
Its also hard to hear the difference unless you spell the word.

In English though there are more odd things like
There was a flaw in their argument, where the wrong There can get put in.

also he was made of the write stuff, instead of Right stuff.

Enquires instead of enquires. I can easily miss such things as spell checkers are of no use as they are valid words.
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Not trying to make anybody mad here, but it really is disconcerting to
see so many people here using wander and wonder interchangeably.
Wander (with an"A" ) is what you do when you're out and about, and don't
have any particular place to be, and you just feel like taking your time
to see what's going on around you. You wander around, looking at
things, and simply taking things easy.
On the other hand, wonder (with an "O" ) is what you do when you're
curious about something. Yeah, it's ok to wonder about life, the
universe and everything, but if you wander about such things, you may
never find your way back to your back yard, having being swept off into
galaxies unknown.
And, of course, it's perfectly acceptable to wonder about wandering too,
especially if you're wondering why so many people wander into things.

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