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Its a real pity that they send them in a graphic. If they sent them via numbers and a chart app on the other machine could then interpret them, you may stand a better chance.
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Hi Gene,

Thank you for the response.

I am sending the reports from my mobile to my laptop and wanted to see if there was a way for my laptop to read them out to me because at the moment I have my wife reading the data from the charts to me.

Not to worry, thank you.


18/11/2018 14:09, Gene wrote:

No screen-reader can read images. There is no written text to read. Maybe you could use OCR to make the charts readable for a screen-reader but if accuracy matters, I have no idea how accurately the numbers would be rendered and you would have to check numbers that look wrong or not routine.

But I don't understand the question. You said you want to send the charts. Aren't you sending them to a sighted person? Why does it matter if NVDA can read them?

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My apologies I should have mentioned that the charts are sent as images.



On 18/11/2018 08:56, Stephen Costigan wrote:

Can anyone tell me if NVDA can read charts, the reason why I ask is
because I can send reports and charts from my blood glucose machine to
my laptop.

Thank you in advance.


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