Excel reads numeric cells in column E as exponents rather than cell value


Hello NVDA List:


The other day I was reading an Excel  spreadsheet sent to me by a colleague. It had numeric values in column E. When reading these cells with Microsoft One Core voices (I am using Microsoft David) the cell name was read as an exponent to the power of 10. For instance, if the value 1.24 was present in cell E4, the speech produced, “1.24 time 10 to the power of 4” rather than 1.24 E4. This does not happen when using Espeak voices or SAPI 5 voices. Note, if the number in the cell is the result of a formula and not a direct value, the phrase, “has formula” is inserted between the number and the cell name, so it works as expected (i.e. 1.24 has formula E4).


Note: This does not happen using Narrator, since Narrator reads the cell name first.


I am running the latest released copy of NVDA, Office 365 desktop apps and Windows 10 Professional.




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