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I agree, I have the same issue, due to old infrastructure I have decided to upgrade the network printer system to a newer model.

So yesterday I looked at units all afternoon and this afternoon I will buy and install one.

However that involves in first getting rid of the old one.

Thats all and good,, take it off the web cloud, then clearing the drivers and extra software.

Of course, the oldest user system in the house a i3 gen1 with win7 with some what of a mangled install and which is simply about because its user doesn't want to afford to update and is rarely used for anything now and its got a lot of junk on it had to have issues.

I had to delete the ocr solution manually, a few reg keys, an add remove programs entry, a few files.

Then I had to go and find an old out of date possibly malware infested tool to get rid of its installer and such.

Then there was a stuck print job from 2016 just sitting there and I had to run another file I had to clear that and a few other things.

Its probably more messed up now but as long as it boots thats fine, its due to be trashed, almost died last summer, maybe this summer it will die and I can get the user to actually ask me to upgrade it for him rather than asking me to repair such an ancient unit <sigh>

The joy of being the network admin.

I just hope I can clear it off the workstation, that and a reformat of the device is all I need to do before I sell it.

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Yes, I often find that there are false positives. Also of course some programs are listed as potentially unwanted merely by their behaviour. These are often thought to be hack tools but faced with a messed up email system sniffing out the realĀ  passwords saves a lot of time in setting stuff up again.

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Unless its a false positive detection by your antimalware program it doesn't have spyware at all.

Nothing on github actually has spyware.

Otherwise nvda has spyware.

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