Re: switching to united states English

Ron Canazzi

Hi Marvin,

The easiest way to switch from British to American English is as follows.

1. Press the hotkey insert + control + V (desktop configuration) or the laptop equivalent to bring up the voice listing for your synthesizer.

2. from the combobox that appears, use the arrow key to highlight the American English voice.

3. Tab once to the variant combo box and use the arrow keys to highlight the variant of your choice.

4. Tab to OK and press enter or space bar.

Remember to save your configuration via the NVDA menu unless it is configured to do so automatically upon exit.

On 6/5/2016 11:41 PM, marvin kotler wrote:
Good evening list. When I updated nvda to the latest version, for some reason it switched to british English. I have a hearing problem, so I would like to know how to switch it back to American English if possible. Could not find it in the language list. Running windows 10 and the latest version of nvda. Any help would be appreciated.
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