Important: StationPlaylist Studio add-on source code will be moving to GitHub


Hi everyone,


Since I took over development of StationPlaylist Studio add-on in December 2013, it has seen one of the greatest leaps in add-on development history. An add-on that provided support for announcing status changes has now become an essential companion to broadcasting with NVDA. At the time of the release of add-on 1.0, I’ve elected to use Bitbucket, a repository service used by various NVDA community add-ons that provided various features, including documentation, wiki and so on.


In 2015, a significant event in NVDA development happened: moving the screen reader source code to GitHub, a popular source code hosting service for Git repositories. In addition to moving away from a custom platform that NV Access has used for the last few years, what motivated this move was ease of collaboration (we’re seeing more pull requests to NVDA since that move) and visibility.


Coupled with this move, and in order to foster improved third-party collaboration and to set an example, I’ve decided to align my add-on development strategy with that of NV Access’s motivation to use GitHub: visibility, easier collaboration, easier way to track issues and so on. Thus, I’d like to announce that, starting today, most of the development activities for SPL add-on will happen via GitHub, with Bitbucket repository serving as a mirror of the GitHub repo and a translations commits hub. The full switchover will happen in August 2016 (even after this date, translation commits will be committed to Bitbucket due to the translations workflow infrastructure in place).


For add-on authors who are thinking about using GitHub: GitHub is similar to Bitbucket but a bit modern and more visible. Whereas you need to specify that you want issue tracking in Bitbucket, you get this for free, plus ability to use additional web hooks, dedicated release pages, project pages and more. Also, forum platforms such as Groups.IO provides GitHub integration so commits, issue comments and what not can be sent to lists that utilize this.


The new GitHub repo for SPL add-on is:


For anyone who’d like to work with me on this add-on: feel free to fork, improve and send in pull requests.


Thank you.



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