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Tyler Wood

TLDR: We're all in such a panic to get things done that no blind person is going to take the two seconds to see a spelling of an item using a screen reader. I'm glad braille displays are getting just a little bit cheaper.


This is why it is always best to keep braille around, uncontracted.

Who actually uses a screen reader to see how things are spelled? It is so much easier to glance (sorry, with our fingers) down at a braille display, see that their (as belonging) is T H E I R. Rather than spelling it T H E R E because that's how it sounds.

But, then there is the other argument that grade 2 braille teaches us the opposite, so who knows. I know my spelling deteriorated when I stopped reading braille books and switched to audio.

On 2018-11-19 12:45 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:
To be honest, we spell how we speak.

I don't say the t in capture or capcha, I know it exists but I don't speak it.

Usually if one does not know how a word is spelt he will go how he speaks it because it sounds fine enough.

On 11/20/2018 7:30 AM, Kwork wrote:
The only spelling anomaly common among blind people that really annoys me to no end is misspelling captcha as capture. Bad enough in everyday use, but worse when we're filling out support tickets on websites and professional emails, and asking companies to make their "captures" accessible. Um, no. The form that includes an unsolvable by screenreader image verification is called captcha. c, a, p, t, c, h, a.

On 11/19/2018 9:54 AM, Gene wrote:
I usually don't spell-check messages.  I read them before I send them to check for words that sound misspelled but also to make sure what I wrote is clear, accurate, such as commands given during describing a procedure, and not clumsily worded.  I may start spellchecking them as well but my main concern on e-mail lists is not to have spelling errors that are more than minor and to have clear writing and accuracy.  Rereading before sending is important in all those respects.
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I'm writing as a moderator to explain my thinking about the message.  Of course, if the owner disagrees, that will be the controling decision.
While it is generally not done and not considered proper, I think you are overreacting.  For one thing, I see this error with native English speakers.  I don't recall seeing it with non native speakers.  Since this sort of discussion never takes place on the list, I let it pass.  a little variety is enjoyable and may stimulate thought and awareness.  No one was flamed.  No one was disparaged. These days, being offended by everything is a cultural passtime and fixsture.  I don't see anything offensive in the message.
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Hello Travis:

I find your email to be quite insensitive. As you are probably aware, this
list is comprised of people from all over the globe, many of whom are not
native English speakers. I am always impressed when people are capable of
speaking an additional language other than their native tongue and
criticizing them for grammatical mistakes on a list not focused on
grammatical correctness is petty and unwarranted. It is also off topic.


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Not trying to make anybody mad here, but it really is disconcerting to see
so many people here using wander and wonder interchangeably.
Wander (with an"A" ) is what you do when you're out and about, and don't
have any particular place to be, and you just feel like taking your time to
see what's going on around you.  You wander around, looking at things, and
simply taking things easy.
On the other hand, wonder (with an "O" ) is what you do when you're curious
about something.  Yeah, it's ok to wonder about life, the universe and
everything, but if you wander about such things, you may never find your way
back to your back yard, having being swept off into galaxies unknown.
And, of course, it's perfectly acceptable to wonder about wandering too,
especially if you're wondering why so many people wander into things.

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