Re: problem with NVDA and libre office

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To read the alignment in Libre office Writer,

Press alt then right arrow to the format menu,

Arrow down to “ alignment” and right arrow to the sub menu.

Now up and down arrow, some will say “selected” but the one that says “checked” will be the current alignment.


Best Regards, Jim.


From: Ashley Wayne
Sent: 20 November 2018 03:02
Subject: Re: [nvda] problem with NVDA and libre office


Hi thank you, I did not realize that.  Well, at least I wasn't missing

something obvious.



On 11/19/2018 7:16 PM, zahra wrote:

> hi.

> both openoffice and libreoffice dont support reporting alignment for

> nvda screen reader.

> i am not sure about jaws and libreoffice compatibility with jaws, but

> i am sure that you cant read alignment information when using

> libreoffice or openoffice.

> On 11/20/18, Ashley Wayne <a.r.wayne2008@...> wrote:

>> Hi all,



>> I cannot seem to get NVDA to announce the alignment of text in libre

>> office writer, such as left or centered.  I will have alignment checked

>> under the document formatting section of preferences but still nothing.

>> NVDA key plus F will read other attributes like font type or size but

>> still not alignment.  When I go to other applications with text, like

>> websites for example, NVDA will then read alignment information.  What

>> am I missing here?  Thank you so much for any help.


>> Ashley




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