Re: Why do some links not do what they say while others do?

Travis Siegel <tsiegel@...>

Generally, the links that say click here for ore information that do't seem to do anything are the javascript links that simply pop up a window over top of the existing page with the information in question.  Often times, these windows have timers, so they go away after a certain amount of time.  I've not found a reliable way for NVDA to find these windows.  Sometimes, if it's a permanent window, it's opened at the bottom of the page (as NVDA sees it), so scrolling to the bottom of the page, you will see the extra content that link added to the page.  Otherwise, I've found no way at all to see the window content.

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Many sites now helpfully say, click here for main content, or a variation on the theme. But some do as they say, while others seem to cause no discernable change. I have always wondered about this, and its been around for many years. Is there a page authoring or other reason why these links seem not to work?

I'm talking about all browsers really though at the moment I only have waterfox firefox and IE on windows 7.

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