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Chris Mullins

Using the layout submenu in the View menu, I have set Tbird to display only the folder list and the currently selected  folder displaying the list of messages, which is about as bare bones as it gets.  Pressing enter on a message opens the body, esc to return to the list.  In the Layout sub-menu I only have the Vertical view, and folder list items checked.  The tab key just loops arount between the tab control of the currently selected folder, the selected folder in the folder treeview and the currently select message in the list window.  The listed messages details are accessed using the table navigation keys Control Alt Arrows.  It’s a while since I set it up, there may be other settings I made to get it to this state, which I did to make it easy for a friend of mine to use.  NVDA  usually says unknown when it encounters a control or unlabelled icon it can’t interpret.  I get this after pressing enter on a message in the list, when the message body opens but I’ve not experienced any difficulties using it.


For completeness, Control n to compose a new message, Control enter to send it. 






From: Brandon Keith Biggs [mailto:brandonkeithbiggs@...]
Sent: 09 March 2016 00:54
Subject: [nvda] Thunderbird saying unknown



I am teaching a student to use Thunderbird with NVDA and when they are reading a message, NVDA will say "unknown" if they hit tab out of the body. It will also say unknown if they hit tab out of the list view of the messages.

This on Windows 8 with the latest version of Thunderbird and the latest version of NVDA.

Thunderbird is really easy to use, but is there an email client that is just bairbones emails and folders?

Thank you,

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