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Robert Doc Wright godfearer

I upgraded when it first came out and I have had no problems.My only difference is that I never use the upgrade assistant. I believe those using the upgrade assistant were the ones who had the problem. I know my wife went that route and it took her over four hours to install. Just recently she had to roll back to an earlier version, 1803. I always use the media creator to upgrade.

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None I guess, otherwise we would have heard


Maybe try a portable copy of nvda

With default settings and see what that gives you





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Sent: 20 November 2018 23:51
Subject: [nvda] Win 10 ver 1809


Wonder how many on the list installed Win 10 version 1809 when it first

came out and before it was pulled back.  It seems that the strange

verbage I get when openning up the settings app relates to version 1809

and does not happen with version 1803.





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