Re: Issues with Truvoice

Tyler Spivey

Sure. Uninstalling NVDA does not remove your config.
The simplest way out of this loop is to go to %appdata%\nvda and delete
nvda.ini. You'll have to reconfigure a few things, though.

On 6/6/2016 6:55 AM, Jermaine Raymer wrote:

I downloaded NVDA as a trial to see how it might work for my agency’s
consumers—When I changed the synthesized voice to one of the Truvoice
options, I got a dialogue box which says “Password required to use this
Truvoice text-to-speech engine.” Everytime I click the ok button, or
click the “x” in the top right of the dialogue, the box with the same
message just pops up again. I have now deleted and reinstalled NVDA
twice, and both times I reinstalled, it simply launched right into that
dialogue box. Does anybody know a way to get me out of this vicious loop?


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