Re: Why do some links not do what they say while others do?


Hello all

Talking of links not doing what they should, this one in the footer of the NVDA list template seems to be broken:

Does anyone know if skypetalking is still available and working?


On 11/21/2018 8:13 AM, Gene wrote:
I saw this discussed once years ago. Wherever it was, and it was a reliable source, it was said that some of these links do what they are supposed to and some don't. So, if this is still the case, that means that other ways, move by heading, skip blocks of links, are more reliable.

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Subject: [nvda] Why do some links not do what they say while others do?

Many sites now helpfully say, click here for main content, or a variation on
the theme. But some do as they say, while others seem to cause no
discernable change. I have always wondered about this, and its been around
for many years. Is there a page authoring or other reason why these links
seem not to work?

I'm talking about all browsers really though at the moment I only have
waterfox firefox and IE on windows 7.
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