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NVDA enter is not the documented command to turn browse mode on and off.  I gave it in an earlier message and the message quoted below mine explains the way people do this most of the time.  Use either one you wish, but this thread illustrates the importance of using correct commands in general, not commands that work but aren't correct.  You never know when you will have situations that cause problems with commands that "get by."

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Subject: Re: [nvda] Gramarly for Firefox and conflicts with NVDA

Hi Marcio,

I do have the Grammarly add-on active in Firefox, but I don't seem to have any problem switching between browse and focus modes.  I don't normally use NVDA+enter to do it though - do you have a particular site you need to do that on?

If I go to say I can move in and out of the edit box changing the contents of it as I like.  Even with automatic switching between modes disabled, I can enter and escape to change modes, or NVDA+spacebar and it all works as it should.

My other question is, do you have enough sight to see Grammarly's red lines, or have you found a way to detect what it has highlighted with NVDA?  Because I've never managed to get it to work with NVDA.  It doesn't break anything for me, but I just can't get NVDA to see what it is flagging anywhere.



On Wed, Nov 21, 2018 at 7:30 PM marcio via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Hello folks,
Anyone here is using Grammarly add-on?
If so, you might already know what it's like.
If not, let me try to explain.
Grammarly was supposed to be a spell checker, what it really does and very well.
What happens, however, is that the add-on is conflicting with NVDA on the exchange between focus and browse mode.
Every time I try to write something with this add-on enabled, I'm not able to do NVDA enter in the field so  I can type. So, if I want to type anything, I need to restart Firefox, aim the field and type without exiting, since once I do it, goodbye, I will never again be able to do NVDA let me type on the field.
 Well, the add-on is really very good, but if I can't find any way to solve this problem, surely I will prefer to let it disabled as I'm doing right now so I can type normally and without troubles.
If anyone uses it or even have any possible solution, please give me a hand. Any help will be highly appreciated.

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