different headers in Word

Giles Turnbull

Hi all,

I have the Microsoft Word with NVDA document and have read the section on headers. I have followed the keystrokes and added a page break and section break and a blank header ...

What I could not find any info on was how to unlink a header in one section from the header in the previous section so it can be different.

I'm trying to submit a piece of coursework for my screenwriting module that has a cover sheet, a section of character profiles and a section with the plot treatment.

Does anybody know how I can put a heading in section 2 that is for Character Profiles, and one in section 3 that says Treatment?

I have a workaround - a single header that says Character Profiles and Treatment, with a level 1 heading for Character Profiles and another level 1 heading for Treatment so it's not an urgent request but I'd like to know for future use :)


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