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Which you can also find from the help menu inside the program itself.  But to specifically answer your question:


Highlights of this release include performance improvements in recent Mozilla Firefox versions, announcement of emojis with all synthesizers, reporting of replied/forwarded status in Outlook, reporting the distance of the cursor to the edge of a Microsoft Word page, and many bug fixes.

New Features

  • New braille tables: Chinese (China, Mandarin) grade 1 and grade 2. (#5553)
  • Replied / Forwarded status is now reported on mail items in the Microsoft Outlook message list. (#6911)
  • NVDA is now able to read descriptions for emoji as well as other characters that are part of the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository. (#6523)
  • In Microsoft Word, the cursor's distance from the top and left edges of the page can be reported by pressing NVDA+numpadDelete. (#1939)
  • In Google Sheets with braille mode enabled, NVDA no longer announces 'selected' on every cell when moving focus between cells. (#8879)
  • Added support for Foxit Reader and Foxit Phantom PDF. (#8944)
  • Added support for the DBeaver database tool. (#8905)


  • "Report help balloons" in the Object Presentations dialog has been renamed to "Report notifications" to include reporting of toast notifications in Windows 8 and later. (#5789)
  • IN NVDA's keyboard settings, the checkboxes to enable or disable NVDA modifier keys are now displayed in a list rather than as separate checkboxes.
  • NVDA will no longer present redundant information when reading clock system tray on some versions of Windows. (#4364)
  • Updated liblouis braille translator to version 3.7.0. (#8697)
  • Updated eSpeak-NG to commit 919f3240cbb.

Bug Fixes

  • In Outlook 2016/365, the category and flag status are reported for messages. (#8603)
  • When NVDA is set to languages such as Kirgyz, Mongolian or Macedonian, it no longer shows a dialog on start-up warning that the language is not supported by the Operating System. (#8064)
  • Moving the mouse to the navigator object will now much more accurately move the mouse to the browse mode position in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Acrobat Reader DC. (#6460)
  • Interacting with combo boxes on the web in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer has been improved. (#8664)
  • If running on the Japanese version of Windows XP or Vista, NVDA now displays OS version requirements message as expected. (#8771)
  • Performance improvements when navigating large pages with lots of dynamic changes in Mozilla Firefox. (#8678)
  • Braille no longer shows font attributes if they have been disabled in Document Formatting settings. (#7615)
  • NVDA no longer fails to track focus in File Explorer and other applications using UI Automation when another app is busy (such as batch processing audio). (#7345)
  • In ARIA menus on the web, the Escape key will now be passed through to the menu and no longer turn off focus mode unconditionally. (#3215)
  • NVDA no longer refuses to report the focus on web pages where the new focus replaces a control that no longer exists. (#6606#8341)
  • In the new Gmail web interface, when using quick navigation inside messages while reading them, the entire body of the message is no longer reported after the element to which you just navigated. (#8887)
  • After updating NVDA, Browsers such as Firefox and google Chrome should no longer crash, and browse mode should continue to correctly reflect updates to any currently loaded documents. (#7641)
  • NVDA no longer reports clickable multiple times in a row when navigating clickable content in Browse Mode. (#7430)
  • Gestures performed on baum Vario 40 braille displays will no longer fail to execute. (#8894)

Changes for Developers

  • gui.nvdaControls now contains two classes to create accessible lists with check boxes. (#7325)
    • CustomCheckListBox is an accessible subclass of wx.CheckListBox.
    • AutoWidthColumnCheckListCtrl adds accessible check boxes to an AutoWidthColumnListCtrl, which itself is based on wx.ListCtrl.
  • If you need to make a wx widget accessible which isn't already, it is possible to do so by using an instance of gui.accPropServer.IAccPropServer_impl. (#7491)
    • See the implementation of gui.nvdaControls.ListCtrlAccPropServer for more info.
  • Updated configobj to 5.1.0dev commit 5b5de48a. (#4470)
  • The config.post_configProfileSwitch action now takes the optional prevConf keyword argument, allowing handlers to take action based on differences between configuration before and after the profile switch. (#8758)

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so what is new in the beta? 

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