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I suspect its due to people using the old now illegal and unsupported add ons or have not kept it up to date. That is the usual thing. Folk tend to leave it and then find its broken when they want it.
I hate Eloquence, indeed I just installed EspeakNG on Jaws with my Quincy voice, the file for which I had to manually import as the sappi 5 version seems to have lost all the nice variants of the nvda version for some odd reason.
Its OK but a bit more sing song than it is on nvda for some reason.

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Working great with NVDA2018.3.2. It should work. Where do some people spread such misleading info I wonder?

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Does the latest version of NVDA still support the eloquence
synthesizer in any form? I am about to put it on my work computer. I
have not updated my NVDA beyond 2018.3, because I have heard that
Eloquence will no longer work, and it is the only non-iOS synthesizer
I am really comfortable with.

Kelby Carlson

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