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These are not my add-ons, but I’ll forward your findings to add-ons list in hopes that someone over there can help you.




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Thank you so much for this information. I notice that some addons that I use no longer allow me to fully close their respective dialog boxes/I believe that Clip Contents Designer is one of them, which is useful as it allows me to append items to the clipboard. I also use an addon to customize how the time and date are spoken, which has the same issue. I'm assuming this is compatibility related and I'm curious if you know anything about those addons.


David Goldfield, Assistive Technology Specialist WWW.David-Goldfield.Com

On 11/22/2018 2:55 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi all,


First, for those in United States, hope you’re enjoying your Thanksgiving.


In the next few days, I’ll be releasing major and maintenance versions of various add-ons. These updates will prepare various add-ons for future NvDA releases, specifically making them compatible with minimum NVDA version checks (and in case of at least three add-ons, requiring more recent Windows releases).


In order to reduce possible bandwidth burden on add-on update server, the following add-on updates will roll out in phases:


  • November 22nd: Easy Table Navigator 1.2, Enhanced Touch Gestures 18.12, Golden Cursor 3.3, GoldWave 18.12 (these will hit the air in a few hours).
  • November 23rd: Object Location Tones 18.12, ObjPad 18.12, Resource Monitor 18.12, Unicode Braille Input 2.10 (EOL from Joseph).
  • November 27th: Add-on Updater 18.12, SystrayList 3.1 (no, not Python 3 transition version yet), Virtual Review 2.3.
  • November 30th: StationPlaylist Studio 18.12 (stable), Windows 10 App Essentials 18.12.




  • Add-on Updater 18.12 will check for add-on compatibility flags. If an add-on manifest specifies a minimum NVDA version for an add-on and you happen to use an older NVDA release, Add-on Updater will refuse to update the add-on in question. At the moment only a handful of add-ons (including most add-ons from me) ship with minimum version requirement flag, so for other add-ons, Add-on Updater will just assume that new versions are compatible (for now; this may change based on community feedback to avoid updating add-ons whose manifest does not specify minimum NVDA version flag and/or last tested version string).
  • Starting from December 2018, Enhanced Touch Gestures, Resource Monitor and Windows 10 App Essentials will enforce Windows release requirement during add-on updates. Thus, when you try to update these add-ons via Add-on Updater, these three add-ons will wholeheartedly refuse to install if you are running and unsupported Windows release for that add-on, even if you’re running a version of NVDA compatible with the add-on in question. This ensures continuity of operation – the add-on version you have won’t be removed. For reference, Resource Monitor require Windows 7 SP1, Enhanced Touch Gestures require Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 App Essentials require Windows 10 (the upcoming version requires Windows 10 Version 1709). In the future, more add-ons will require more recent Windows releases for various reasons.
  • In a future version of NVDA, NVDA may present “incompatible add-ons” dialog at startup if you are running any add-on not recently updated to specify compatible NVDA releases (minimum <= current <= last tested). Currently the feature that enables this dialog (worked by someone else) is awaiting review, and when it does make the cut to alpha snapshots, I expect an announcement (from NV Access and others) to be made via many channels.
  • Unicode Braille Input 2.10 will be the last version of that add-on from me. I have asked another NvDA developer to maintain this one.



  • All of these add-ons will come with varying levels of localization updates (some don’t have any localization updates, while others do).
  • All of them will come with NVDA version compatibility flags (both minimum and last tested flags will be present).
  • Most of them are Python 3 ready except for certain routines found in several add-ons.
  • GoldWave will include a potential bug fix reported by a user where NvDA may play error tones while performing some commands.
  • StationPlaylist Studio and Windows 10 App Essentials will come with numerous enhancements and bug fixes.





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