station playlist question

ken lawrence

Hi NVDA users ken with a question. I used station playlist studio for my radio show on out of sight/TAFN and really love the product, but it has one major drawback. When you try to tag a song SPL doesn’t read the fields. It just says edit, edit, edit.  So to prep a show I need to use winamp.  Is there any way to upgrade the add on for SPL so that a user can determine what goes into what field. A good example one of my song files is tagged with a version two tagging. So in winamp it reads correctly but not on SPL. Both artist and title are in the same field and in another field I think the title it’s something like 4. When I tried to play it on a show it wouldn’t play. I think I can correct it or try but it would be easier if I know what is supposed to go into what field.  Any thoughts? 


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