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Joe Paton

Hello Quentin,

Thank you so much for the information.

As a Consequence, the alva, and nvda, are talking to each other, via usb.
I don't need to wory about bluetooth, but thank you for a complete answer.

Take good care out there.


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Hi Joe,

The only two pieces of info I have are that I find with an Alva I use
occasionally, I need to start it before starting NVDA. From memory, I
think I used to (maybe an earlier version of Windows 10, or maybe Windows
7) have to have it connected and turned on before starting Windows to
ensure it behaved.

From the User Guide we also say:

"Note: NVDA might be unable to use an ALVA BC6 display over Bluetooth when
it is paired using the ALVA Bluetooth utility. When you have paired your
device using this utility and NVDA is unable to detect your device, we
recommend you to pair your ALVA display the regular way using the Windows
Bluetooth settings." so that could be something to check as well.



On Tue, Oct 23, 2018 at 2:25 AM Joe Paton <> wrote:

Good Afternoon

I have an optilec alva b6080 display.

It does not appear in the list of braille displays, although there is
obviously the automatic detection option.

Is there a generic driver for the optilec? or, must a ticket be raised
so that a driver can be built for the future?

I don't need access to this display immediately, but some time next
year, 2019 would be nice.
Many thanks.

Quentin Christensen
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