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Over the years, I have tried, with mixed success, to locate labels for these fields. Because the interface is hosted by a GUI toolkit known for giving me and others headaches in accessibility mitigations, I have given up on it for a while. Ideally, a move to something more accessible (in terms of toolkit) is preferable, but it won’t happen for a while.

What makes these fields challenging is the weird accessibility tree structure as shown to NVDA. Simply put, controls are represented as trees or have hierarchy amongst them, with a clearly defined way to identify which control is hosted by others and ways to move amongst them and retrieve the information NVDA is looking for. But these and some other Delphi controls are known to present weird object hierarchy, and at least twice, I had to tell NVDA to move backwards among controls just to announce SPL dialogs properly. Also, because some controls are laid out like a grid with not very useful accessibility information that NVDA can consume (understand and present), it gave me headache as to how to provide best labels for them automatically, especially dealing with a user interface that might change from time to time.

Fixing this situation and other variants require investment from users, NVDA community, and developer of StationPlaylist Studio. Some of the solutions listed below have advantages and drawbacks, some of them hindrance to future NVDA work:

  1. Just give human-readable labels from NVDA side by probing what is shown on screen. Although this is a good short-term solution, it needs to deal with different screen resolutions, color schemes, use of magnifiers and other situations, and dealing with an API that might not be usable under some circumstances (notably, if you use NVDA as a portable copy, you can’t access certain screen areas).
  2. Changing the toolkit that powers Studio’s interface. This will require investment from all parties involved in testing the toolkit and report accessibility issues. This also means being careful not to compromise user experience from sighted broadcasters in the process, as well as making sure the Studio developer uses a toolkit whose developers are willing to look into possible accessibility issues.
  3. Making the field information static when viewed from accessibility clients. This requires cooperation from the toolkit and from my add-on, as the UI toolkit for Studio must be willing to let controls expose predictable information and for my add-on to catch this once implemented. However, Delphi toolkit might not cooperate though, and dynamic information presented to accessibility clients such as NVDA is what frustrates my effort at times.


A few years ago, I asked the developer of Studio if he is willing to invest in moving to a different toolkit and/or providing UI Automation implementations for screen readers. His response was that it may increase size of the installer, although it is possible. If he does choose UIA, then I need to make sure the UIA implementation is good and solid (not merely good enough, as I deal with and write mitigations for broken UIA fields every day through WinTenApps add-on).


In short, my answer to your question is that we need to continue to advocate – not just through me or my add-ons, but through advocacy of actual users, as this situation deals fundamentally with assumptions and what powers the user interface, not just the program and the add-on.



P.S. I realize I’ve become too philosophical recently, but I think, at times, it is best for me to share my inner feelings as a developer so you can see what’s going on.


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Hi NVDA users ken with a question. I used station playlist studio for my radio show on out of sight/TAFN and really love the product, but it has one major drawback. When you try to tag a song SPL doesn’t read the fields. It just says edit, edit, edit.  So to prep a show I need to use winamp.  Is there any way to upgrade the add on for SPL so that a user can determine what goes into what field. A good example one of my song files is tagged with a version two tagging. So in winamp it reads correctly but not on SPL. Both artist and title are in the same field and in another field I think the title it’s something like 4. When I tried to play it on a show it wouldn’t play. I think I can correct it or try but it would be easier if I know what is supposed to go into what field.  Any thoughts? 


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