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Are you saying there is no caps lock key or it just was not checked to use it?

Usually on a keyboard the insert key is above the arrow key there is a 6 pack of keys there and on this one it is the top left one..

also on a numeric key pad it is the zero on it.

You could try one of the following with the number 1 key on the keyboard which would be insert key + 1 this would turn on input help and then you could locate the other insert key or caps lock key then turn it off.

Then use the following nvda key + ctrl key + the letter K for keyboard a menu should come up then tab down to then from there you can pick your keyboard layout and under neath it in my case i have checked all 3 boxes for the modifier key you will need to arrow down to do this and check them with space bar.

hopefully it get you up and running and if happy save your settings.

Gene nz

On 24/11/2018 12:54 PM, Michael Munn wrote:
Hi all, this is Michael. I have a question about switching from Desktop layout to Laptop layout on a Laptop.
Few weeks ago I got a shiny new computer from School. That Computer have both Jaws and NVDA installed in it.
After I'm done setup Jaws the Way I liked I proceed to NVDA.
I forgot that I have NVDA desktop Keyboard layout set as default. I went ahead and press Ok on do not show  welcome screen when I start NVDA then I pressed  the ok button.
I'm using an HP Laptop. 
Caps lock key  is not available for me.
Where is the insert key on a Laptop?
All feedback  and answers are greatly
Best Regards 
Michael Munn 
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