Re: Issues using Flash Based Voicemail Website


A lot of sites still use Fllash for playing audio and I imagine many sites still have Flash interfaces for other things.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] Issues using Flash Based Voicemail Website

No but according to Adobe, Flash is soon to be discontinued. does this site
not offer an html 5 version of its interface?

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Subject: [nvda] Issues using Flash Based Voicemail Website

I'm working with a volunteer who is blind to access an online voicemail
system through The website uses flash software and we're able
to access the names of the voicemails using NVDA, but we're not able to
click on the links to listen to them.

We're using a HP Pavilion Notebook PC with Windows 10 Home Version 1803.

Does anyone have experience with through Jive Communications?
Has anyone resolved issues when issue flash on a website?

Thanks for your help!

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