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did you see my post speaking on the hiccup we had while working with Microsoft disability?

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Subject: [nvda] SPL and Windows 10 App Essentials emergency patches #AddonRelease


Hi all,


Important notice for users of StationPlaylist Studio and Windows 10 App Essentials add-ons: originally, I planned to release version 18.12 next week that’ll ship with compatibility flags with future NVDA releases. However, given the speed of development of internal changes to NVDA that deals with compatibility flags, I’m releasing emergency compatibility patches for these add-ons as follows:


  • StationPlaylist Studio: version 18.11.2A for stable, 18.09.5A-LTS for long-term channel subscribers
  • Windows 10 App Essentials: 18.11.2A stable


These emergency patches are designed specifically for people using NVDA alpha snapshots who might be using stable add-on releases, and you can check for updates in about an hour from now. Note that for those using development versions of these add-ons, the needed compatibility flags are already present, so no need to worry.


Special note for SPL Studio long-term channel users: it turns out version 18.09.5-LTS was never released (it shows up as released but you couldn’t download the installer). I’ll be fixing this as part of today’s release.




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