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Hello Max:


The table of contents is a hierarchal bulleted list. Unfortunately, the bullets are not part of the links, so when you up and down arrow (or use the I key for list navigation), you are most likely on the bullet and not on the link. Hence, hitting Enter or the spacebar will have no effect. You can check this by:

  • Navigate to the table of contents line that you would like to jump to.
  • Press the tab key (or the right arrow key twice) to move to the actual chapter link and you may hear “link” followed by the starting number of the section you want to jump to.
  • At this point, if you press the left arrow, you should hear “out of link, space” and pressing let arrow again will land you on the bullet (which will vary based upon the indentation level).

A better way to navigate the table of contents line by line is by using the tab key, which will make sure you land on links and not bullets.


I am not sure why bullets are shown in the table of contents. Since HTML allows list attributes that can hide the bullets, maybe this could be considered as an improvement next time the help document is updated.




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Hi All.


It appears this list is not like some others I was on briefly.  I haven’t been flamed for asking a stupid question or been told to go look it up.


Here is my problem.  When I select help from the NVDA menu and then user guide my browser opens and I am on the table of contents. Then I down arrow to 5 navigating with NVDA.  When I press enter or space bar nothing happens.  I have to scroll the screen and click the mouse.  But that’s not all.  I can see that the screen changes but NVDA continues reading the table of contents.  I printed out the entire user guide and put it under my CCTV reader but that takes a lot of time.  I have tried the NVDA key + numpad keys and I can move to the desk top and back to the table of contents but I haven’t figured out how to move to the page which is displayed.  This effects other sites as well but this seems like the best example.  I am using windows 10 and Microsoft edge which should be the latest versions because automatic update is turned on.  Can someone get me out of this catch 22 situation. 



73 (Regards).


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Hi Max,


Welcome to the group.  If you can describe the problem you are having clearly, you will normally get a pretty helpful response from everyone here in the group.


Do you have a particular question now?  You mentioned seeing what kind of response this question got but I can't see one there.






On Thu, Nov 22, 2018 at 9:35 AM MAX <max@...> wrote:

I'm new to the NVDA group.  I'll ask my question giving details when I find
what kind of reception questions such as this receive on this list.

73 (Regards).

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