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Chris Mullins

Hi Michael

use Windows+b to access the system tray and if NVDA does not appear as an icon there, press spacebar on Notification Chevron icon.  This will open the overflow notification area toolbar, which you access by pressing left arrow, then use up/down arrows to move through the list. 


Press spacebar on NVDA to  open the NVDA menu.  Press enter on Prefferences, followed by Settings.  In the first control you land on, arrow down to “keyboard”, then tab into the related controls.  Here you can set Caps lock as an NVDA modifier.  You can also set either or both Insert keys as modifiers too.  Tab to OK to save settings.  Now you can use Capslock + 1 (on number row) to switch on NVDA input help  You can then press any key without it activating anything, so you should be able to find you Insert key.





From: [] On Behalf Of Michael Munn
Sent: 23 November 2018 23:54
Subject: [nvda] Switch from Desktop mode laptop mode


Hi all, this is Michael. I have a question about switching from Desktop layout to Laptop layout on a Laptop.

Few weeks ago I got a shiny new computer from School. That Computer have both Jaws and NVDA installed in it.

After I'm done setup Jaws the Way I liked I proceed to NVDA.

I forgot that I have NVDA desktop Keyboard layout set as default. I went ahead and press Ok on do not show  welcome screen when I start NVDA then I pressed  the ok button.

I'm using an HP Laptop. 

Caps lock key  is not available for me.

Where is the insert key on a Laptop?

All feedback  and answers are greatly



Best Regards 

Michael Munn 

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