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farhan israk

Go to windows defender > thread and protection > thread and protection settings and turn on realtimeprotection and cloud protection to turn on defender.

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When you say reformatted. Do you really mean that or a reinstall of windows
over the top of itself?
 Most of the problems I've seen like this have been due to a kind of
remaining bit of the parameters of some software being there, but windows or
nvda getting confused what its doing. Oftn if it is only nvda which is the
issue, you can weed out all the occurrences of nvda and install clean and
start again. If other things are affected then stuff can get more
complicated. So it might still be that the reason you cannot action the
items you say is purely due to nvda not being in a good state. I assume this
is the latest Windows 10? If so then try using narrator for making things
work like anti virus and firewall, however I'd be a bit worried why, after a
reinstall all of this was not on by default.

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Subject: [nvda] Scren reader malfunctioning

> Hi good people:
> Please I am having problems with my NVDA screen reader.  I started
> having these problems after a reformatting of my laptop computer a few
> days ago.
> The first problem is that I cannot change the keyboard layout from
> desktop to laptop.  When I activate the laptop option, it does not
> change from desk top to laptop.  I don't understand why this is
> happening.  I in fact re-installed the program, but the problem has
> persisted.
> The problem is peculiar with NVDA, because I don't have these problems
> with JAWS.  Please is there a fix for these problems.
> I also want to find out how I can turn on windows defender, or windows
> firewall.  When I attempted turning on windows defender, by typing
> defender in to the search box, and windows defender coming up, I am
> unable to pull down the file menu to go to tools, in order to do the
> turn on.  I even tried using the application key, all to no avail.
> Hope to read a response.
> From Ibrahim.

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