Re: NVDA&Amazon problem

Kevin Huber

Hi Bob:

Press NVDA+spacebar to get out of Focus mode and back into Browse mode.
Kevin Huber

On 6/6/16, Bob J <> wrote:
I visit very few web sites and, so far, I have experienced this behavior
only on Amazon's web site. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, this condition
arose only recently and, as far as I can remember, I had made no changes of

settings, anywhere, before that.

So, if, as you suggest, NVDA is dropping into focus mode, how would I
recover from that?

T I A,


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Is this only on the amazon web site, and all of it or is it a general
Parts of amazon seem to be lists inside some extended combo box system for

help with searching, so maybe its dropped into focus mode?
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Subject: [nvda] NVDA&Amazon problem


NVDA version 2016.1
Windows7 64-bit Home edition
Internet Explorer version 11

When I get to that url

I can review the screen using the arrow keys
I can get a list of links using NVDAKey+F7


I cannot activate links or buttons


Is the following a clue to the reason for my problem?

When I press NVDAKey+NumPad5, I hear document read only focused

I don't understand why it is being identified as a, document, and; being
identified as, read only.

I'm guessing that "read only" probably has something to do with the
reason why links and buttons are inoperable, however, I have changed
several of NVDA's settings with no change in this behavior.

I have looked at various settings in I E 11 and found nothing I would
suspect as being influencial in this situation.
BTW, jaws has no problems under these conditions and NVDA had no problems

either, until recently.

What am I overlooking?

All helpful responses appreciated!


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