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I wonder if your computer was used by someone else on your day off or if some sort of maintainence or downloads were done to the network during that time.  Aside from just correcting the problem by having your license reactivated or renewed, finding out if something at work caused the problem would be helpful.

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Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2018 7:06 PM
Subject: [nvda] Please help me about Vocalizer

Dear members, 
Today, I've got the following error with the computer at my workplace. 
"Vocalizer License is Invalid.
The Vocalizer license you are trying to use is invalid.
This might be happening due to one of two reasons:
1. The activation file is damaged.
2. The license was disabled for security reasons, due to illegal use or its data beeing compromized.
If you own a license for Nuance Vocalizer for NVDA, please contact Tiflotecnia, lda. or your local distributor, so the problem can be further investigated.
If this Nuance Vocalizer for NVDA license activation doesn't belong to you, please reframe from using this product.
Unauthorized use of this product (i.g. without a valid license) is not allowed by most international laws on software rights.
Please note that a proportion of the price of Nuance Vocalizer for NVDA is donated for continuing NVDA's development.
By sharing license activations you are working against NVDA and good and cheap accessibility for the blind across the world.
Further more, Nuance Vocalizer for NVDA is priced at the lowest value possible, to allow as many people as possible to have a comercial quality syntheciser in NVDA.
Please think twice about it.
You can remove this invalid license using  the Vocalizer Expressive menu options."
I have two activations, one at my workplace and one at my home. 
Such problem didn't happen so far. In the morning, before going to work, I still able to use the one at my home, and on Friday, the day before my day off, I was able to use the one at my workplace. 
Please help me, 
Thank you. 
P.S. I sent the above statement to Tiflotecnia via e-mail, and would like to ask about the problem also in the group. For now, the only synthesizer that I can use is ESpeak which doesn't support my native language. 

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