Re: Please help me about Vocalizer

David Goldfield

I once ran into a similar situation with one of the NVDA voices I had purchased, although I don't recall whether it was Codefactory's Nuance/Eloquence add-on or whether it was the Acapela add-on. In my case, I was on my home computer and it had nothing to do with firewall settings. In that particular instance, something had just gotten corrupted. I contacted the vendor and they were able to supply me with a valid license key which fixed the issue. If you can determine that your firewall settings are not the cause of the problem I would suggest that you contact the company which produces your add-on, which I am assuming is Codefactory, to see if a corrupted file might not be the problem.

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On 11/25/2018 9:05 PM, prem.translator@... wrote:
For now, it seems like my computer cannot connect to vocalizer's server. I'm contacting admin. 

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