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David Goldfield

Hi. I realize that you're dealing with a machine located at work. However, if the machine is a laptop do you have permission to bring your laptop home with you? Some workplaces absolutely would not allow an employee to do this but others would permit it. If you're permitted to do so, I would take the computer home and see if you get the same message on your home network.

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On 11/25/2018 10:23 PM, prem.translator@... wrote:
Update my situation: 
Things I have done until now. 
1. Uninstall vocalizer driver and delete everything from %appdata%. 
2. Download the driver and reinstall it. 
3. At the activation, I get the following error. 
"Error verifying credentials: Can not connect to Vocalizer for NVDA server. Please check if your internet connection is working." 
4. I already contact IT department in my workplace regarding both errors. They don't know the address, IP or something like that of the Vocalizer for NVDA server, so they cannot do anything for now.
5. I sent an e-mail to Tiflotecnia regarding the problem. 
What should I do next? 
Thank you. 

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